Thanks for visiting Sustaining Life; your destination for holistic sustainable living. I’m Faye, a New York City based writer, events coordinator, and sustainability advocate. This space is where I share information and inspiration related to fashion, food, beauty, travel, business, culture, and more - all through a lens of ethics and environmentalism. My life goal is to educate and lead by example in order to encourage others to live a more sustainable, joyful, and intentional lifestyle.

I founded Sustaining Life in 2014 as a platform for sharing sustainable fashion brands with friends and family. Over the years, the blog has shifted and grown as I myself have done the same. As my perspective on sustainability expands, so will the focus of Sustaining Life. Through it all, my core purpose will always remain the same - to showcase the businesses and ideas which excite me and to inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I believe that everything from the clothing we wear and the food we eat to the way we treat ourselves and others has an impact, so why not make it a positive, sustainable one?

I was born to semi-hippie parents in Sacramento, California and studied fashion design at UC Davis. It was there that my eyes were, almost by accident, opened up to the big issues our world faces today: climate change and  extreme inequality. I am lucky to say that along with this heavy dose of reality I simultaneously discovered the concept of sustainable design, thanks to the book Cradle to Cradlewhich succeeded in planting a tenacious seed of hope in my heart. I’ve been studying sustainability ever since and exploring the various solutions available to us as individuals and as members of a larger society.

If you’re looking for non-judgemental, thoughtful recommendations on how to live your life in a way that is more friendly to the planet and inclusive of its inhabitants, then you’re in the right place. I hope you will enjoy following along as I ask questions and seek out changes that we can make together in order to improve ourselves and the world at large.

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