3 Sustainability Essentials

Some people may think that leading a sustainable lifestyle is difficult and expensive - but I'm here to argue that the opposite is true. Keep reading to find out how you can make just 3 small changes in your daily life that can help your wallet, your health and the planet all at once!

1. Carry a Reusable Bag

This is my number one sustainability essential that I carry with me everywhere. I really despise using plastic bags and I feel like an idiot when I am forced to use one - they suck at carrying things and they blow out of landfills to pollute the shit out of our oceans. Just, why? Especially when a reusable bag that folds down into a tiny little package is easy to carry around and always comes in handy. Obviously, this is how I carry my groceries. But I also whip it out when I'm out shopping for cool sustainable clothing! 

I'm sure you already have a reusable bag sitting around at home...but just in case you were looking for a cute new one, go ahead and check out Baggu. They have 3 different sizes and come out with fun new prints all the time, and these bags are only $9! You have zero excuses now.


2. Drink Water out of a Reusable Bottle

Do you find that around 3pm every day, you've got an annoying headache? This used to happen to me, but now it doesn't. I carry a water bottle around with me everywhere I go and, wait for it, I stay hydrated! Water makes your body happy but plastic water bottles make the planet very, very sad. Plastic water bottles cost you money, are filled with the same water you can get out of the tap, and they never break down. Not to mention my - maybe irrational - fear that the petroleum that plastic is made from is leeching into the water I'm about to put in my mouth.

Remove yourself from this part of the petroleum-pollution cycle and get a reusable bottle. I like to use a very cute leftover juice jar, but these Klean Kanteens are pretty great, too. They also sell insulated kanteens that are great for coffee or tea. Though you will need to invest $20-$30 depending on your desired size, remember that your reusable bottle will have paid for itself after you didn't buy a plastic bottle of water 10 times. Did I mention that these come in tons of fun colors?


3. Take a Reusable Lunch Jar to Work

OK, this one is kind of a double tip. Having a reusable lunch jar doesn't help you much if you never bring a lunch! I know what you're thinking...who has time to make lunch every day? Well, my friends, let's say you go out to lunch and you get a delicious fried rice, but, damn! They gave you too big of a portion. Well here is where the lunch jar comes in...just stuff those leftovers in there and eat them tomorrow! Or, you know, cook some extra Veggies for Dinner and then have veggies for lunch. Do you like to save money and not buy lunch every day? I sure do.

Why is a jar better than a tupperware? A glass jar will keep your food fresh for longer, you can put it in the microwave without getting that icky melted plastic, plus jars just look cute. Look out, though, some naughty coworkers may want to snag your snazzy jar for themselves. Maybe you should just go ahead and buy a 4 pack of my jar of choice.