I'm Obsessed With These 27 Sustainable & Ethical Styles Inspired By The 70's

*This post is generously sponsored by Amour Vert & People of Leisure. I received free product from both brands to wear and photograph. As a brand partner, People of Leisure also contributed a small fee in exchange for being included in this post. Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase, I receive a small payout from the brand.

Channeling those 70’s vibes in    Amour Vert

Channeling those 70’s vibes in Amour Vert

The thing that I love so much about 70’s style is the rebelliousness of it all. Chalk it up to my lifelong inability to abide by authority if you will, but the eclectic and anti-conformist attitude that comes along with classic 70’s styles just makes me happy. That’s half the fun of getting dressed, isn’t it?

I’ve had a hand in dressing myself for two decades now, and my love for flared jeans and a flowing boho floral print blouse is just as strong now as it was back then. There’s just something about the look that screams “cool girl” to me! I know it’s not really rebellious to wear these trends today, but back then they were totally new on the scene. The 70’s were a time when American culture was fracturing, with a huge youth contingent breaking away from all sorts of societal norms - and they looked pretty damn cool doing it.

Style in the 70’s was about challenging the status quo. Gender-bending outfits (a la David Bowie) and psychedelic prints were more than a look, they were a statement. The punk movement was born in the 70’s, wrapping an anti-establishment attitude into an iconic look consisting of ripped jeans, spiky hair, and piercings galore. Head-to-toe sequins, hippy-dippy dresses, colorful eyewear, denim everything, and dramatic accessories have all been written into the history of fashion thanks to those who wanted to break away from the mold of society.

Amour Vert 70's inspired style sustainable ethical fashion
Amour Vert 70's inspired style sustainable ethical fashion

And you know what? Sartorial rebellion clearly works, because nearly 50 years later here we are, still obsessed with all kinds of styles carried over from the 70’s. Perhaps the looks from that era have endured precisely because they were so different. If you think about it, style in the 70’s was born from a sense of unrest, of being dissatisfied with the system and needing an escape. The political atmosphere at the time caused young Americans to scream out for something different, something more representative of their identity and their desires.

It was about expression, and that’s why those looks - from mod to punk to hippie to glam - put a little spark of joy in my chest. Because what is fashion without expression? What is personal style without a little dash of non-conformity? If you’re anything like me, then I know you can appreciate the mashup of styles that the 1970’s bestowed upon us. Thankfully, brands seem to be totally on board this groovy train, too, with 70’s-inspired looks filling the web-pages of most of my favorite sustainable & ethical brands. Now, go on and check out some of the best 70’s styles below that keep in mind my favorite message from that era - peace, love, and mama earth! ✌️❤️ 🌎

These are the best 70’s inspired styles on the internet right now - and they’re all sustainably & ethically made: