Join Me at a Fall Style Swap

The heat here in New York is back, but let's not be fooled, Winter is coming (sorry, had to do that). But first, Fall! Fall is a glorious temperate season of reinvention and getting back to business, therefore a great time for supplementing and cleansing your closet. All Fall wish lists and style reports aside, one of the best ways to refresh your closet on the cheap is to shop secondhand, or better yet, straight from the closets of your friends! This has always been one of my favorite ways to shop, as I tend to find more unique, interesting pieces in the land of pre-owned clothing, and I'm pretty confident that you can, too. So join me at the Style Swap and renew your Fall wardrobe the sustainable way!

So are you ready to refresh your wardrobe for Fall? Pass on your pre-loved items and pick up some new ones at the Style Swap, straight from the closets of your fellow, stylish New Yorkers! The Ethical Writers Coalition has teamed up with Zady to bring you a Fall Style Swap - complete with sparkling wine, cool tunes, great company, a goody bag full of sustainable discounts, and of course, swapping galore. All of this, just for the price of entry. Which, by the way, is only $10 until this Sunday, September 20th, when the price will go up to $20. Grab a ticket today if you want to take advantage of this low price!

Join us on October 3rd, drop off 5-10 gently used Fall pieces (clothing, shoes or accessories) at 1pm, then head downstairs for drinks before the swapping begins at 2pm. The swap will be hosted at Glasshouse (246 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY) in Williamsburg.

The Fall Style Swap is sponsored by The True Cost, The Base Project, Susty Party, Owl's Brew, and Zady. Zady is re-envisioning the future of fashion by creating apparel with the highest of standards and a completely transparent supply chain. Similar to what the slow food movement did to the food industry, we are doing this for the clothing industry. The Essentials Collection is where we put action to our words by providing high quality pieces that are made with the highest environmental and ethical standards.