Sunny Days in LA

California is my home but Los Angeles is somewhat new to me. In June, I stayed in Los Feliz and explored Silverlake with my dear friends, Eddie and Chris. They proudly showed off their neighborhood and a few of it's local gems while we caught up on each others' lives. The pace of life in LA is slow yet the city is rushed, the scenery is bright with an urban edge. This photo story is high contrast and pops with color - I hope you enjoy discovering LA with me.

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Exploration and soaking up the clear Southern California sunshine were at the top of my to do list. I looked at the city with fresh eyes and what I saw was blindingly bright. Blue skies, whitewashed walls, palm trees and power lines define LA. To me, the atmosphere is perpetually sunny and colorfully adorned. Suburban-feeling neighborhoods are bordered by busy thoroughfares and a leisurely stroll will be punctuated by honking horns and diesel fumes. Nevertheless, residents in Los Feliz and Silverlake clearly appreciate a good flower garden. Below, you can see this little corner of the city through my eyes.

Bougainvillea, succulents and orange trees set the mood in Los Feliz while bold signage, hipsters and quiet shops summarize Silverlake. There is definitely a retro-industrial vibe happening here with white letters and graffiti-esque paint, but something new-age is also taking place. Spices, crystals, vegan food and thrifting were obviously on our agenda. Visit Painted Bird LA, the Spice Station, Spellbound Sky and the Bowery Bungalow with me below.

It was peaceful and inspiring to see what Eddie and Chris had to share about their neighborhood. The bright blue backdrop of the SoCal sky coupled with pleasant company made for a great mini-trip. I can't wait to return to Los Angeles and explore more of this sunny city. Who can resist a place so filled with sunshine, fresh pressed juice, cacti and chill people? Until next time, LA.

All photos taken by me. Except for the ones of me, those are taken by Eddie Heinrich.