Monday Mood - Vietnam

This time last year Jeremia and I were getting amped up for our big life changes - you know, traveling around Southeast Asia for three months and then up and moving to New York. It's mind blowing when I realize that we have now lived in New York for longer than we spent in Asia. How does time fly so fast here? I swear those three months of travel felt like a year, while three months in New York feel more like one.

So today I'm looking back to inspire myself to move forward. I am looking back at one of the craziest, out of the norm months in my life to date; the month we spent in Vietnam. I've written about Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and Saigon. I've even told you about our epic 'On the Road' saga. Still, though, there are so many more stories and sights from our month in Vietnam that continue to live in my head and in my heart.

To me, Vietnam is fishermen and motorcycles. Pineapples and mangoes vibrantly thriving in the midst of hot, dusty towns. Vietnam is salty water and gravel, dirt and jungle mist. I have never been more relaxed than I was when we sat on the side of the road slowly sipping iced coffee. I have never been more daring than the time that I fell off my motorcycle and saw that the only thing to do was to get right back up. I have never feel more connected to a provincial, older way of life than I did as I stood in the middle of verdant fields surrounding villages comprised of huts. I'll never forget the wind in my hair, the dirt under my fingernails and the feeling of utter freedom and lack of responsibility to anything other than today.

The collection of images below represent what our experience in Vietnam meant to me. There is so much more spirit in the country that I can't capture in my images, but I hope you'll enjoy seeing it through my eyes anyway. If you want to see more, check out the travel archives

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All images taken and edited by me.