Zady Sets A New Standard for The Fashion Industry


Last week, sustainable e-commerce site, Zady, finally unveiled a year-long project; The New Standard. In an industry that is the world's second largest polluter (after oil) Zady's New Standard demands that fashion make some changes for the better. With the timely release of their new Essentials Collection, the brand also proves that better is possible. Through dedicated research, careful production planning, and impeccable design, Zady is re-envisioning the future of fashion.

The New Standard is a comprehensive, research-intensive project which tells the story of how our clothing impacts our world from seed to garment. Much more than just a new fashion collection or marketing angle, The New Standard is a commitment to understanding why and how the fashion industry needs to make changes. By breaking down the complex effects of the many stages of clothing production, Zady walks customers through the data and interconnectivity of all that goes into our garments. The New Standard proudly touts its commitment to transparency by providing a list of credible resources beneath each article on the website. It is apparent that a great deal of thought and passion has gone into Zady's new project.

"We developed The New Standard to help us understand how we, as an industry, are going to be able to dress the global population in 2050," said Maxine Bédat, CEO and co-founder of Zady. "While we have found ways to make cars run cleaner and more fuel-efficient, we still live in a world where 98% of factory workers are not receiving a living wage and where factories rely on the dirtiest energy supply (coal) to churn out fast fashion that is worn on an average only seven times before it is discarded and clogs our landfills. This is not a sustainable system and we as individuals hold immense power to persuade brands to create products that are clean, of high quality, and ultimately better for us."

.09 Sweater from Zady's Essentials Collection. Available in November.

.09 Sweater from Zady's Essentials Collection. Available in November.

With their new Essentials Collection, Zady provides us with that product. Starting with nine pieces, the brand has created an edited, thoughtful and flattering capsule collection that any professional woman or girl on the go will welcome in her closet. It goes without saying, that each of the nine items is painstakingly researched and sourced with the utmost care. Luxurious wool for the .09 Chunky Knit Sweater (my personal favorite) comes from a ranch in Shaniko, Oregon that carefully manages rain water and snow melt and utilizes a rotational grazing system for their livestock. And that's just the farm for the wool that comprises this one sweater. Zady has dug deep to find sources for each of their collection's materials that will best serve people, planet and profit in a sustainable way. The best part? You can easily see these sources and partnerships for yourself in the infographics Zady has put together for each garment of their Essentials Collection. 

If you are at all interested in learning more about how fashion impacts our planet and its people, I urge you to read a few of the articles presented by The New Standard. I can also highly recommend Zady's Essentials Collection and hope to be showing you more on that in the future!

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