Monday Mood - Beet It

Whew, I got through Monday. Life in New York has certainly been getting harder, and with a week-long trip to California coming up, I've been having a hard time focusing and scheduling. I have a few exciting things in the works for your reading/viewing pleasure, so I hope that I will be able to get it together this week! I do it all for you, friends ;)

Despite my lack of focus, I managed to be inspired by something very simple this weekend. Beets! Do you love them? Hate them? I don't think I was really into beets until about a year ago, when I learned just how delicious they are raw. My favorite smoothie recipe involves frozen beets and blueberries. When you drink that 3 times a week, you realize just how cleansing beets really are. They flush your liver and your bloodstream of toxins and yes, they do aid digestion. They are also delicious when made into a salsa or slaw. I am dying to experiment with beets as a DIY lip stain, too. Pinterest has also just revealed to me that beets are relatively easy to grow at home! So probably a lot of beets in our future, here.

Beets moodboard inspiration beet color beet red

Try some of my beet recipes! And tell me, what is inspiring you today?

Monday Mood - LA

Happy Monday lovely readers! Today, I made you a mood board to reflect my latest inspirations. You can look for my Monday Mood here every week from now on - hopefully my boards can help you kick off your week with a little bit of inspiration! If you want to see what I'm dreaming about every day, you can always check out my Pinterest.

Los Angeles skyline. Blog post about LA. Los Angeles inspiration and mood.

Today my mood is LA. I have been paying attention to a few bloggers and artists out there and the imagery coming from their Instagram feeds has been just sublime. Maybe it's the California girl in me, but the bright sunlight, bold colors and bleached skylines have got me lusting for a laid-back summer. Or maybe I'm just excited for my trip to LA in a few weeks! I can't wait to see friends and family and eat as many vegetables as I possibly can...

Images pulled from Pinterest, Jess-Hannah, Melissa Sonico, Unique USA, Refinery 29. Collage by Faye Lessler.

Images pulled from Pinterest, Jess-Hannah, Melissa Sonico, Unique USA, Refinery 29. Collage by Faye Lessler.

The tastemakers that inspired my mood today are Jess-Hannah, Lust for Life, Melissa Sonico and Sonja Rasula of Unique USA. These ladies are all badass, ultra-stylish and living the quintessential Los Angeles lifestyle. Who is inspiring you today?