Save Your Clothing From the Landfill: Mend. Tailor. Swap.

Got clothing hiding out in the back of your closet that you never wear? Don't worry, so do I. Some of them just aren't my style anymore, others are a little big in places or a bit too long, and the rest have holes or are simply missing a button. Not to mention the Halloween costumes I'll never wear again...

I'm not even going to think about throwing my closet monsters away, and you shouldn't either. Instead, I'll be bringing all of these garments along with me to Patagonia SoHo on Saturday for the Ethical Writers Coalition's bi-annual swap! Join me and get your neglected clothing fixed & fitted, or just pass your items on to a new owner and a new life. You might even find awesome new pieces to fill out your fall wardrobe or a cool Halloween costume in the process! 

Did I mention that there will be organic cocktails? Grab your ticket now to join in the sustainably-minded fun!