Earth Day Tips from Elena Kocherovsky

I said Earth Day was every day, didn't I? Just to remind you that leading a sustainable lifestyle can be super easy and exciting, I'd like to share some Earth Day tips from my friend Elena. The following is all from her, I hope you enjoy!

Today we celebrate our stunning Earth. It's so easy these days to disconnect with this bigger system we are all a part of. And understandably so, we've built man-made barriers between ourselves and the natural world both physically and literally. So today (and every day) I hope you take some time to reconnect with what makes us human, and ponder the totally intelligent, beautiful and mind-blowing system that is our Earth. Not the politics, not the media scare-tactics, just your personal connection to it and what it provides for you. In honor of Earth Day, I'm sharing a few things I've learned from working actively in the Environmental space around things we can all do today to live in better harmony with this magical planet of ours. Yes, we all can, in fact, make a difference!

Photo taken while adventuring through Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Photo taken while adventuring through Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Earth Day Action #1:

Did you know it takes 2000 times the energy to create 1 plastic bottle of water than to produce tap water?! That's the equivalent to 50 million barrels of oil to produce total annual US water bottle consumption. Want to make some good impact in a simple way? Stop purchasing bottled water! Tap water is just fine, or you can get a water filter if you'd like, or a sweet glass/metal reusable water bottle.

Earth Day Action #2:

You've probably heard this one before - please try to hear me out before you scoff. Raising and slaughtering beef produces 5 TIMES the amount of pollution than the average of all other meats and animal products. I'm not asking you to stop eating that again. I'm not. Just consider cutting down on how often you do choose to eat beef! It's one of the BIGGEST ways to improve your impact on our Earth (and it also comes with health benefits). Ya!

A question from a friend: "Won't they still produce the same amount of cows even if I stop eating beef?"

My response: "Totally legit question! So in the short term, sure, the same will still be produced, it's true. But the idea is that you're "voting" with your dollars over time, aka sending signals as to what you do or don't value. So if you stop spending your money on beef, and I do too, and all my other good friends out there do it too - that starts incrementally shrinking the beef market, which will eventually lead to less beef. Individually it's easy to feel like you don't have impact, but that's pretty much why I'm putting these suggestions out there - in the hopes that more of us band together to vote with our dollars for better products that are more Earth (and people) friendly."

Earth Day Action #3:

Energy - it's the biggest piece of the pie in terms of climate pollution. The systems generating our current energy haven't changed or improved much over the past century and are just plain dirty. Turning off the lights, unplugging, and getting energy efficient appliances goes a long way when you add it up over the course of the year. Oh, and it saves you a good chunk of change!

Earth Day Action #4:

Get outside and play!! Reconnect with the beauty and mystery of nature and quiet your noisy mind. Be a kid again. Breath sweet fresh air, roll around in the grass, take it all in. Break down those barriers we've built and wake up. Bring a friend or 10, and enjoy this AWESOME place that's our home.

At Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

At Torres del Paine in Patagonia.