Every Day is Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2015! Today I want you to take a moment to think about this great blue planet that we live on. Remember that everything in your life, everyone that you have ever known resides here. Remember that without our Mother Earth, we cease to exist. This is why every day is Earth Day.

Today our planet is in danger - it's enemy is man. It is our responsibility to care for this place that gives us life and is a part of all of us. So, today I pledge to do all that is in my power to tend to the health of our planet - through the food I eat, the clothing I wear, the laws I vote for and the words that I speak. The only route to certain destruction is for all of us to do nothing, so I am here to implore you to take a pledge as well. Pledge to do your best for Mother Earth, for yourself and for all of us.