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If you’d like to be featured on Sustaining Life, please send me an email at to request my media kit and rate card.

I offer thoughtful, honest content and always take the time to fully understand a brand or initiative before writing about them. This space is an excellent way to reach an audience that cares while further establishing your brand, product, or idea as a standout in the sustainable and ethical space. If you’d like some tips as to how to work with me most effectively, please read this guide by EcoCult on how to create mutually beneficial partnerships with bloggers!

I am also for hire as a freelance writer, event coordinator, or strategic marketing consultant. If you are looking for conscious lifestyle content on your blog, hosting an event, or looking for the best way to reach your audience, drop me a line!

Freelance writing:

I specialize in lifestyle content on the topics of sustainable living, sustainable and ethical products, zero-waste living, conscious travel, vegan cooking, and activism. My writing is always well-researched, thoughtfully presented, and tailored to fit the voice of your brand or publication.

My client list includes: Shea Brand, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, and THINX.

Event coordination:

I have years of experience (as Program Coordinator for the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator and Events Coordinator for the Ethical Writers & Creatives) producing all kinds of events ranging from small gatherings of 5 - 20 people to huge networking events and parties of 100 - 800 people. All of my events are as eco-friendly and zero-waste as possible with a focus on working with local and sustainable partners. By working with me as your event planner you gain access to my network of sustainable and ethical brands as well as engaged members of the press. I can take you all the way from a strategic plan for your event to executing all of the minuscule details and logistics.

Past events include: Clothing swaps, the Positive Impact Awards, panel discussions, natural dye workshops, fashion shows, press previews, launch parties, educational workshops, pop-up shops and more.


My work has brought me close to a community of designers, entrepreneurs, and sustainably-minded brands of all sizes and at all stages of business. I am connected to an industry of creative professionals who I have learned from and helped out along the way. I will be your sounding board, your support system, your accountability buddy, and a knowledgeable resource for you to call upon whenever your business is in need of an outside perspective from someone who will always keep sustainability and long term success in mind. Consulting is available on a long term, general basis as well as for short term projects.

My client list includes:  Shea Brand, AGAATI California, Vincetta, DETA-NYC.